PB15 Beta official announcement!

Good News everyone!

Michael REH - SAP Executive Vice President and Head of SAP/BIT, the division in charge of PowerBuilder within SAP - announced today the availability of PB 15 Beta!

The announcement was made during Vishal Sikka's Keynote at SAP TechEd Bangalore.

You can find here the official Developer Press Release issued after the keynote.

An additional comment from SAP: “We are very excited getting these very important announcements out to the developer community to underline SAP's commitment to expand our developer engagement and outreach across our technology platforms”.

SAP will publish the details soon about how to register and get a copy of PB15 beta.

Stay tuned!

SAP 負責 PowerBuilder 部門的執行副總裁 Michael REH 正式宣布,PowerBuilder 15 Beta 版正式開放給使用者申請下載使用了。
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